Who are KōLAB?

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Khali Ackford

Khali has been working in the music scene in Bristol for a number of years, and has swiftly built up a name for his iconic portraiture. His passion began when he realized the beauty in painting with light. The control as well as the endless abstract results you can achieve, helped him develop his skills into the style we see today.

Sarah Koury

Drawn with a similar passion & creative vision, he is joined by Sarah who has also established her career in music as one of the country’s top photographers. She continues to work with many artists, labels, brands and festivals worldwide. Constantly inspired by light, colour, negative space and atmosphere - these are all the components of which fundamentally drive her style.

Alastair Brookes

As a serious budding talent, Alastair was picked up immediately upon finishing his degree. Hailing from a background in Earth Science, he takes inspiration from the organic look and feel of everything he captures. Alastair’s style is driven by seeking out the energy of every moment.

Together, our creative vision is one of innovation - and our passion leads us to create something extraordinary, every time.

Together, we are KōLAB Studios.

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KoLAB Studio

Deben House

1-3 Lawrence Hill




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